Saturday, October 22, 2011

K-man's First Duck

K-man shot his first duck this morning with Shawn. Boy was daddy proud!!!

K-man with his Coot and Shawn with a hen Mallard.

showing off the wing

K-man posing with his Coot and his new youth model 410 that Papa Bruce bought him for duck hunting. This kid now has his own arsenal of three guns.

It would have been even better if they'd been able to take Abby, but she just got two stitches in her chest yesterday and can't swim in the water for 10 days. This was her third visit to the vet in the past two weeks. Hopefully, she will be healthy for the rest of the winter because they were starting to give us a frequent visitor's discount at the vet office.


  1. IMPRESSIVE!! Way to go, Kolsen! I bet Daddy is proud!

    I hope Abby heals up quickly!

  2. Congratulations Kolsen on your first bullseye shot.... Very nice -now there's no reason why you can't go more often!! Be safe....