Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last Harvest of 2011

Our last box from Bluebird Gardens arrived on Tuesday and contained all this wonderful produce. We enjoyed 19 of our 20 boxes this summer and shared one with friends while we were on vacation. The kids and I were both excited to see a bag of brussel sprouts.

Since the farm is done delivering their weekly CSA boxes they did a free gleaning harvest event where any member could come and pick what was left. We made a huge haul!!! I'm hoping most of this will fit in our freezers and I'm giving a bunch of it away.

 Our haul from the final harvest event.

I got my mom and Shawn to pick with me. It was REALLY windy so the big kids helped pick some onions and then all the k-kids went home with Papa to get warmed up. THANKS, Papa Tom for watching the kids while we finished picking all this wonderful produce.

We came home with:
2- 5 gallon buckets of onions and leeks
4 bags and 1-5 gallon bucket of spinach
1 milk crate of lettuce
1 bag of tomatoes
2 bags of cabbage (15-20 heads)
1 -5 gallon bucket of kale
15-20 pumpkin pie pumpkins
10 spaghetti squash
1 acorn squash
4 large carving pumpkins
1 bag of small decorative pumpkins
1 large bag of radishes
1 -5 gallon bucket kohlrabi
5 cups brussel sprouts

Thank you Bluebird Gardens for the wonderful year!!! We will be eating great all winter long!


  1. HOLY COW! That is a ton of produce! You're going to be crazy busy getting all that put up for winter. Glad you have your mom there to help!

  2. Good Gravy!! what a haul..... Hope your mom gets in on the canning and freezing! :) Can you freeze the squash?? I'd love to have some of that fresh and healthy produce!