Sunday, October 23, 2011

We love FOSS!

Anyone who knows my family well, knows that growing up we lived at the pool. My brother and I used to spend all afternoon at the pool each summer when we lived in NE and my mom taught swim lessons for the Red Cross. When we moved to KS we took lessons every summer, then taught lessons and worked as life guards during the summers.

You may also know that I'm pretty frugal and I hate to spend money on something that I know I can do myself. SO...knowing that I am quite capable of teaching kids to swim I really wanted to teach my own kids. Just think $40/kid for a week of lessons and I have 4 kids. $$$$$ Well, after we moved to MN, I signed K-man and K-girl up for lessons that first summer. Group lessons went okay, but I hated to spend $80 and watch a high school kid start lessons five minutes late and end five minutes early. The kids also spend most of the time clinging to the wall while they waited their turn, which left me frustrated. This meant that for two summers we didn't do any swim lessons besides having Nana Kristi teaching them one or two days when we swam in KS.

This fall my father offered to pay for lessons for our oldest three kiddos. I spent some time researching options and after I had two friends tell me about FOSS swim lessons and how wonderful they were, I knew we had to try them out. They are more expensive than lessons at the YMCA, but SO WORTH IT!

The lessons were held at the Athletic Republic training center in town. They have a small endless swim pool that has wonderful, heated water just perfect for kids. Each kid had an individual lessons for 4- 30 min. sessions. I was amazed at how she had my middle girls putting their faces in the water after just a few minutes.

 K-girl showing off her back float.


 K-sis back floating while giving a rubber duck a ride on her forehead. She is very insecure in the water so to watch her relax on her back was amazing!

 K-sis using her "monkey cheeks" while kicking. The instructor had the kids puff out their cheeks like monkeys so they wouldn't inhale water through their noses while swimming.

 K-man was floating on his own by the end of the first lesson.

 K-man practicing his rhythmic breathing and arm strokes.

 K-baby had to get in on the action too! It was still warm this week so this was how she dressed to get to swim lessons. You gotta love those ruby red slippers.

 K-baby kicking in the water.

K-baby practicing her kicking while sitting on the island (foam board). She loved making the ducks race through the water with her kicks.

Thank you Papa Tom and Nana Kristi for providing swim lessons for the kids!!! We are definitely going to have the kids do more lessons before summer arrives.


  1. That was so nice of your parents.

    They all look like they're fast learners!

    I hate paying also, knowing I'm more than qualified to teach the kids, but we always end up doing lessons too since the kids really enjoy it.

  2. So glad for you! Angie had mentioned to me, too, how impressed she was for Anthony with these lessons. They look great!