Saturday, November 19, 2011

Decorating Using Silhouettes

I am NOT an interior decorator. I've never been good at buying things to put on the walls or shelves. My style is pretty much just using what I already have on hand and hanging pictures to cover holes that are already on the wall.

When we moved into our new house the previous owner had painted all the rooms and I loved most of them. I love this two tone blue that she used in the bathroom, it wasn't white or tan so it was better than what I would have chosen. Above our toilet in the kids' bathroom were two huge holes that they must have used to hang a shelf. So what did I do??
I hung a quilt I already had on the holes that were already there. I didn't even need Shawn to put new holes in the wall. :)

Two years later, I finally decided to do something different to make this area look a little better. After buying this brown shelf at Good Will for $2 and seeing a silhouette idea on Pinterest I knew what I wanted to do.

I really wanted to do a silhouette of each of the k-kids. I started by trying to trace their heads using a dark room and a light shining their shadow on the wall. This produced three huge head tracings and one child that was crying. I didn't really want the silhouettes to be so big so I went back on-line to get other ideas on how to do it. One page suggested taking pictures of the kids' profile. I took their pictures, printed them out on draft and then cut them out. I used the cutout to trace their profile on card stock that I had chosen from my stash. This worked MUCH better.

K-girl's profile picture.

I ended up using a can of white spray paint that I had on hand to paint some old wooden frames and the shelf. I need to buy/find some cute decor items to add to the shelf, but for right now we using a vase of shells from Nana Yvette and a candle from Aunt Theresa.
I thought the end result was great! I really wanted to do the pictures two above and two below, but I needed to cover the old holes and this was the layout that worked the best. Shawn was a wonderful husband and hung all the stuff while I gave the girls their baths.

Not bad for a $2 project!


  1. What a great idea, Carrie! Love it! I was admiring the blue paint when we were over last time, too!

  2. I've always loved silhouettes... what a great idea! Priceless!