Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Fantastic Idea

One of my homeschooling friends had a fantastic idea this fall. Instead of having friend parties for all three of her boys, she threw a family Operation Christmas Child Party. I loved this idea! The kids had a fantastic idea, my friend doesn't have tons of cheap toys crowding her house and we did some good for children who REALLY need basic supplies. We also love activities where our whole family can be involved. In this busy day and age quality, whole family time can be hard to come by. I may have to see if I can come up with something similar for my oldest two for their birthdays in March.

K-man taking a turn at the paper bag pinata. We may have to do this next week during our study of Mexico.

 K-sis enjoying decorate your own Rice Crispy treat!

 The kids packing their boxes with all the supplies that everyone brought to share!

 K-girl showing off the box that K-baby and her packed.

K-baby adding candy to her box. Or maybe trying to talk daddy in to taking some of it home. ;)


  1. Love this idea also! We all need to learn to give - we have so much!

  2. That is a fun idea! We look forward to doing our boxes every year!