Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We are doing AWANAs again this year for our Wednesday night activity. I love that we can all be involved together as a family.

 Our crew

 K-baby is in Puggles. She doesn't have verses that she has to learn at home yet, but she loves going to the nursery to learn about all that God has created.

 K-sis is in her final year of Cubbies and she is so proud of her vest and saying her verse each week.

 K-girl is loving Sparks this year and is moving quickly through her book. It always amazes me how much they can memorize (and remember for longer that a week). Her favorite school activity (beside art) is to copy her verses on paper for handwriting. I love to hear her say Psalm 23.

K-man is in his first year of Truth and Training. This is a huge jump up from Sparks and I love how it pushes to the kids to learn long passages, memorize multiple verses and also reviews their older verses. He (and the rest of us) are really learning a lot about God this year. His favorite thing to say this year is all the books of the Bible from Gensis to Revelations.

K-sis showing off one of her favorite verse. Her Cubbie verses aren't usually this long, but I think she's heard it enough from her older siblings that she learned it pretty fast. If you see her, ask her what Matthew 2:10 is.


  1. Our kids love AWANA, too! I have two T&T'ers, one Sparky and one Cubbie this year.
    My Christopher was in my lap when we watched your video and at the end he said, "Yep, she said it right!" :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! Can't wait for Scarlett to be old enough to do this!