Thursday, December 1, 2011

Enjoying The Real Reason For The Season

Once every three years our church puts on a reenactment of the nativity story. This year was the first year for us to attend this event. We were blessed enough to be one of the families that served as the Inn Keeper's family. The kids had a blast serving all the visitors to our inn and I can't wait to see their eyes as they get to live out the nativity story on Saturday when we walk through.

 Our Bethlehem family

 The Inn Keeper's Children

Visiting the well to get some free water. All the shops of the marketplace are in the background. The kids are so excited to get their sheckels (lima beans) to buy things at the shops.

The kids had a fabulous time. When the visitors came to our inn they would get to serve them lamb, nuts, dried fruit, water and goat's milk. I don't think I've ever had lamb before, but we all thought it was wonderful. Shawn had a few lines that he had to memorize and he did a great job too! K-baby and K-sis helped for the first hour and then our wonderful neighbor came to pick them up. K-girl and K-man stayed and helped for the entire three hour shift. We all got tired by the end, but the kids did great and didn't complain at all.