Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grand Forks, ND

Last weekend we had to travel up to Grand Forks, ND because Shawn had some gift cards burning a whole in his pocket. Cabelas was having a really good special on some goose decoys that Shawn has had his eye on for quite some time. After a long time wandering the isles with the kids at Cabelas, Shawn checked out with everything he needed, then we took the kids to the Canad Inn Water park.

The kids had a blast at the water park showing off all the new swimming skills they've learned this winter. Shawn even talked the admissions person in to giving us our tickets for $10/person instead of the original price of $17/person. CRAZY! The big kids enjoyed all the different slides and K-sis and K-baby stuck pretty close to mommy.

 K-baby, K-man and K-girl (all on the left) getting ready to try out a slide.

 K-sis, my cautious girl who didn't like any of the slides.

K-baby and Mom waiting to go on one of the big slides. She LOVED it!


  1. Looks like all your little water bugs had a great time! And way to go Shawn for saving you guys so much money!

  2. Looks like a fun destination! Was the water warm?