Monday, January 30, 2012

A Week of Hand Washing

Last week was an unusual week for us at the Papon household. We had one kid sick with a fever, two different kids puking, a runny nose, sore throat and sinus problems. K-man was the only one that made it through the week unscathed. All the kids illnesses were short lived and thankfully they are all feeling 100% again. Needless to say, we had a LOT of handwashing last week and the kids and I are going to clean all the surfaces with water and vinegar this week.

We've been busy doing school too. The kids were excited when we did a little bit of reorganization in the classroom. (pictures coming later) I'm hoping this will help my older two get through their work quicker, with less chatting and checking out each other's work. We also went through some school work files. I'm always amazed when we look back over their work from the beginning of the year at how far they've come in such a short period of time. K-girl is really coming along in her reading and has even been reading some 2nd grade reading books.

Our winter weather had finally arrived and the kids are having lots of fun shoveling the driveway (and the yard) to make snow jumps, forts and mazes. Last year we had already had a couple of blizzards by this time and were buried in snow, so the 4-6 inches that we have on the ground has been just enough to play in. The temperatures haven't been so bad this winter either, we've been enjoying many days of highs in the 30s. Last year it seemed that many of our days were highs in the negatives and it was
to cold to play outside.

 Sled jump and snow angels in the front yard. They scooped half of our yard to get this snow pile.

 K-girl sitting on top of the fort the kids built in the backyard. They had fun building a tunnel and even got Abby to crawl through it.

Football in the snow with daddy and some neighbor kids.

More snow fun in the front yard. It's funny to look out and see everyone else's pretty yards which look like the snow just fell. I don't think there is a single spot in our yard that the kids or the dog haven't trampled or played on.

 K-man built some domino creations.

 The neighbor girl had a pool party and of course my kids were in the hot tub most of the time.

Shawn, K-sis and K-baby sledding. Thank God for Daddy who loves to pull, pull and pull the sleds!

We even managed to go ice skating, Shawn did the taxes and some 529 funds for the kids and I helped our small group host a marriage seminar at church (we were in charge of all the food for about 120 people). 

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  1. Looks like winter has finally arrived! Stay warm... I'm gonna take the gun case on Thursday.