Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Snow Fun Continues

We haven't been buried in snow this winter like we were last winter, when it snowed in October and never went away. The temperatures have been reasonable so the kids have enjoyed getting outside.

This past storm was predicted to drop at least a foot of snow on our area last night, which didn't happen. We did get 6 inches or so and more is supposed to come later today. I don't mind when it snows when I know Spring is around the corner (or only a few months away).

 The 3 oldest K kids with the neighbor kids building a fort.

 I think K-man and the neighbor girl are getting snow hunks to add to their fort.

When we get snow like this I know Shawn and I are both thankful that we have a snow blower!

Monday, February 27, 2012

X-Country Skiing

Since we finally have enough snow to play in, we are trying to be out in the beautiful weather as much as possible. We are expecting some bad weather later this week so I'm glad Shawn was able to take off a few hours early today to take us skiing. He has to go to a DU meeting tonight so he didn't have to use any vacation time. I'm very thankful he has a flexible job that he loves.

 K-sis did a great job skiing around the practice track.

 The kids following me up the hill while using their turkey tracks.

 Posing for a quick picture.

 K-man blazing his way around the track.

 K-sis cruising around.

K-girl, Shawn and K-man in the lead, heading up the hill. K-sis decided she wanted to stick pretty close to mom.

We were a little worried that it would be too cold, but we all managed to stay warm and I think the kids would have kept going for a few hours longer.

K-baby fell asleep on the way to the ski area so we let her sleep in the van and took turns watching her. The practice loop is right next to the parking lot so it wasn't too hard to peak in on her. She slept the whole time and didn't wake up until we opened the doors to head back home. She was toasting warm in all her snow gear.

Thanks to my parents for the skis that Shawn and I were able to use. Hopefully they'll get some more use this winter. We love Spidahls because all kids under 12 years old get free gear!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Snow Fun!

We got another five inches of fresh snow today, so we loaded up the kids and went sledding down the big hill. The three older kids had a blast! We decided that we definitely need to get another sled. We have a cheap, plastic one and a wonderful tobogan that my parents gave us.

 K-baby had lots of fun making angels at the top of the hill. She didn't really care for the sledding, but she loved the hot chocolate afterwards.

We managed to fit five Papons on the tobogan for the final ride down. We love this tobogan, it goes straight down the hill and we haven't managed to flip it yet.

*Please excuse my heavy breathing in this video. I'd just finished climbed up the hill.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playing in the Snow

We've had a really slow start to our winter this year, but I think we are finally starting to catch up. The kids have been busy building a fort with "rooms" in the backyard. I can't wait to see what happens this week with the three days of snow we have predicted.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Science Day

Today we caught up on some of our science experiments.

The kid all thought trying to break an egg by squeezing it was pretty cool. They looked a little worried when I tried it, but even I couldn't break the shell by squeezing it with one hand. It's pretty amazing that God created such a delicate egg to be so strong. We leared that arches are so strong!


 K-man giving it all he's got!

After the squeezing experiment we tested out how strong arches are by stacking books on top of 4 eggs. Don't worry, no book were harmed in the making of this experiment. The kids had fun running around collecting books to use.

 K-man holding all the books that we used before our eggs cracked. (we only went until one cracked) The kids (and mom too) were pretty surprised at how strong the eggs were.

 K-girl was in charge of the final experiment today. She was supposed to make it rain indoors. She filled a glass bowl with boiling water and we could see the evaporation taking place. Then we added some ice cubes on a cookie sheet for the cold air in the atmosphere.
 All the girls got to help out.


The experiment worked perfect and the drops of rain formed on the cookie sheet and the girls watched the drops get bigger and rain down into the bowl.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting a good photo

is harder than it looks.

I love to capture her beautiful eyes, full of joy!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


In honor of today being the first NASCAR race of the season I'm sharing K-man's new project he started. He loves NASCAR!

My mom loves to quilt and she always starts the kids on new projects when she visits. Both of the older girls each made smaller quilts which they were able to finish. K-man decided he wanted to make a NASCAR quilt for his bed. He designed the layout, picked out the fabrics and quilted the rows together.

I was able to use my Cricut cutter to cut out the numbers and flags to add on top. I love that we were able to combine two of my favorite hobbies.

We decided to send the top home with Nana Kristi to quilt since she has a long arm machine quilting business.

We had some extra fabric so I decided to make a pillowcase to match his quilt. I love the flames svg file I found online for free. I still need to quilt around the pieces to hold them down and sew the edges, but I think K-man is going to love this. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Curly Hair

K-sis usually has stick straight hair just like her mommy.
She likes to have it curly too.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nana and Papa Cook Visit

When Nana and Papa come up North to visit we get busy trying to cram as much fun as possible into one week. They arrived on Friday and we've done more things than I can count. I did manage to snap some pictures of our activities.

 K-baby received a new quilt from Nana for her bed.

 All the kids loved getting books and Valentine candy.

On Fridays we've been attending Swim and Gym for homeschoolers at the YMCA in town. There have been about 25-30 kids at each session so far. K-man and K-girl have been loving it and it's only $35/family. You can't find too many activities that are so reasonable to participate in.

K-girl and K-man practicing their swimming. 

 K-girl sporting her new swim shirt I bought her to help keep her warmer. She still got cold, but she swam for most of the time. I may have to find her some long shorts too.

 Thanks to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Staci, the boys enjoyed a rousing game of Catan. K-man also talked Nana and I into play Bibleopoly.

All my kids love to quilt so we squeezed in some time to make a few new creations in between all our activities.

 K-sis made her first ever quilt top.

 K-sis helping Nana sew.

 A quick trip to the bowling alley. K-man beat me, but he did have gutter bumpers. I may have to switch over to the kids lane next time.

 K-girl, Nana and Mommy working out.

 K-girl made a cute, little doll blanket. She still wants to sew some buttons and yo-yos on it so I don't have a finished project picture.

K-girl opening an early birthday present!

Whew! Two days down and a week more to go. The kids have been dropping into bed each night. We're hoping that the weather will warm up some so we can play outside too. We don't really have enough snow to do any snow activities, but it's always nice to be outdoors.