Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ice Fishing

We've lived up North for 8 years now (It will be 9 years in May). Wow, that's a lot of time!

We took the afternoon off from home improvement and other things to attend a fishing derby at a local lake. This is the same lake where we swim at the beach in the summer. Currently the ice is about 18 inches thick, which is good because there were LOTS of people, buildings and vehicles out on the lake today. I may never be able to feel comfortable standing in the middle of a lake.

 The family on the ice.

 A picture of the shore line with the trees covered in beautiful frost. This picture only shows a small amount of the people on the lake today.

 The kids loved to use this ice scoop to keep the holes clear of ice. Thanks Larsons for letting our kids borrow this!

 K-baby spent the most time of all the kids holding a pole.

Any fish yet???

We didn't catch any fish today, but we sure enjoyed our chance to talk with three other couples from our church who we fished by. Ice fishing is a social sport. We did see one other person actually catch a fish. We also saw two other families as we drove out. It was definitely a popular place to be today.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! That looks so awfully cold!! I think it would be fun to EAT the fish ;) Glad you all had fun!