Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nana and Papa Cook Visit

When Nana and Papa come up North to visit we get busy trying to cram as much fun as possible into one week. They arrived on Friday and we've done more things than I can count. I did manage to snap some pictures of our activities.

 K-baby received a new quilt from Nana for her bed.

 All the kids loved getting books and Valentine candy.

On Fridays we've been attending Swim and Gym for homeschoolers at the YMCA in town. There have been about 25-30 kids at each session so far. K-man and K-girl have been loving it and it's only $35/family. You can't find too many activities that are so reasonable to participate in.

K-girl and K-man practicing their swimming. 

 K-girl sporting her new swim shirt I bought her to help keep her warmer. She still got cold, but she swam for most of the time. I may have to find her some long shorts too.

 Thanks to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Staci, the boys enjoyed a rousing game of Catan. K-man also talked Nana and I into play Bibleopoly.

All my kids love to quilt so we squeezed in some time to make a few new creations in between all our activities.

 K-sis made her first ever quilt top.

 K-sis helping Nana sew.

 A quick trip to the bowling alley. K-man beat me, but he did have gutter bumpers. I may have to switch over to the kids lane next time.

 K-girl, Nana and Mommy working out.

 K-girl made a cute, little doll blanket. She still wants to sew some buttons and yo-yos on it so I don't have a finished project picture.

K-girl opening an early birthday present!

Whew! Two days down and a week more to go. The kids have been dropping into bed each night. We're hoping that the weather will warm up some so we can play outside too. We don't really have enough snow to do any snow activities, but it's always nice to be outdoors.

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