Saturday, February 18, 2012


In honor of today being the first NASCAR race of the season I'm sharing K-man's new project he started. He loves NASCAR!

My mom loves to quilt and she always starts the kids on new projects when she visits. Both of the older girls each made smaller quilts which they were able to finish. K-man decided he wanted to make a NASCAR quilt for his bed. He designed the layout, picked out the fabrics and quilted the rows together.

I was able to use my Cricut cutter to cut out the numbers and flags to add on top. I love that we were able to combine two of my favorite hobbies.

We decided to send the top home with Nana Kristi to quilt since she has a long arm machine quilting business.

We had some extra fabric so I decided to make a pillowcase to match his quilt. I love the flames svg file I found online for free. I still need to quilt around the pieces to hold them down and sew the edges, but I think K-man is going to love this. 


  1. So cool..... And so NASCAR begins 2012.

  2. This is awesome! Great work, Kolsen! Better get started on a #18 quilt for Kelton because he doesn't know how to sew!