Friday, February 24, 2012

Science Day

Today we caught up on some of our science experiments.

The kid all thought trying to break an egg by squeezing it was pretty cool. They looked a little worried when I tried it, but even I couldn't break the shell by squeezing it with one hand. It's pretty amazing that God created such a delicate egg to be so strong. We leared that arches are so strong!


 K-man giving it all he's got!

After the squeezing experiment we tested out how strong arches are by stacking books on top of 4 eggs. Don't worry, no book were harmed in the making of this experiment. The kids had fun running around collecting books to use.

 K-man holding all the books that we used before our eggs cracked. (we only went until one cracked) The kids (and mom too) were pretty surprised at how strong the eggs were.

 K-girl was in charge of the final experiment today. She was supposed to make it rain indoors. She filled a glass bowl with boiling water and we could see the evaporation taking place. Then we added some ice cubes on a cookie sheet for the cold air in the atmosphere.
 All the girls got to help out.


The experiment worked perfect and the drops of rain formed on the cookie sheet and the girls watched the drops get bigger and rain down into the bowl.

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