Monday, February 27, 2012

X-Country Skiing

Since we finally have enough snow to play in, we are trying to be out in the beautiful weather as much as possible. We are expecting some bad weather later this week so I'm glad Shawn was able to take off a few hours early today to take us skiing. He has to go to a DU meeting tonight so he didn't have to use any vacation time. I'm very thankful he has a flexible job that he loves.

 K-sis did a great job skiing around the practice track.

 The kids following me up the hill while using their turkey tracks.

 Posing for a quick picture.

 K-man blazing his way around the track.

 K-sis cruising around.

K-girl, Shawn and K-man in the lead, heading up the hill. K-sis decided she wanted to stick pretty close to mom.

We were a little worried that it would be too cold, but we all managed to stay warm and I think the kids would have kept going for a few hours longer.

K-baby fell asleep on the way to the ski area so we let her sleep in the van and took turns watching her. The practice loop is right next to the parking lot so it wasn't too hard to peak in on her. She slept the whole time and didn't wake up until we opened the doors to head back home. She was toasting warm in all her snow gear.

Thanks to my parents for the skis that Shawn and I were able to use. Hopefully they'll get some more use this winter. We love Spidahls because all kids under 12 years old get free gear!

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