Monday, March 26, 2012

Thanks Nana!

We finally got K-girl's new vinyl artwork up on the wall!
She loves it!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday K-girl!

K-girl's birthday was earlier in the month and we finally had her friend party today. She had a blast! We had perfect weather and were able to go outside after we did some fun crafting projects. The kids made place cards for the table, adjustable bead bracelets, felt hair bow clips and a name hanger for their rooms. 

 K-girl with her cake. My kids are consistent in their likes. She had to have horses on her cake again!

All ready to party!

 The projects from the party! The kids thought using my Cricut was pretty fun. K-man was in charge of helping the kids make their names. K-baby punched part of her background out instead of the extra paper, but she didn't care. K-girl made the purple felt bow and I thought it turned out really cute. The bracelets had sliding knots on it so the girls can adjust them. I think I'll be able to tie that knot in my sleep for a while.

I made a really cute wall banner using fabric scraps from my stash. I used some scraps from K-baby's quilt so I'm hoping I can hang it in their room for decor after the party. I saw an idea on Pinterest with the balloons hanging from the ceiling and I thought it turned out really cute!

Shawn ended up having to go work on Saturday to help burn, (it's hard to turn down getting paid time and a half!) so I was really glad that my friend Sara was able to stay and help me with the crafting projects. Thanks Sara!

Whew! Thus ends our birthday party extravaganza for the spring. I love making their day special, but I don't think we'll be having huge friend parties every year.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They are always watching us

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6

As we are living out our lives in front of our children, I am constantly trying to remember that they are always watching. What you value, they will value. What you cherish, they will cherish. What you spend your time doing, they will do.

I'm glad that we have the opportunity to spend time learning and growing together as a family. Thank you to my husband for demostrating to our children what it means to work hard, enjoy fellowship with others, and cherish the creation that God has created for us.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grandparents and Two Birthdays In One Week

Shawn's parents decided to come visit over the kids birthdays and the kids were so excited. I think they may have been counting down the days for a month! We wore them out over 6 days and then sent them back home.

At the airport watching for Papa's plane.

 K-sis, first to jump in the plane and hug Papa Bruce.

 We celebrated K-man's 9th birthday on March 6th with picking up the grandparents at the airport, eating at the Chinese restaurant, opening presents and eating cake. Whew, that makes me tired just to think of what we managed to squeeze into half a day. 

 K-man requested games that he played at Uncle Kenny and Aunt Staci's house. He loves Forbidden Island and Ticket to Ride and if you visit, you can bet that he will try to talk you into playing with him.

 K-baby wearing her cowgirl/princess hat band.

 We filled up the kitchen table. The girls had to break out the art supplies with Nana Yvette and K-man talked Daddy and Papa into playing Forbidden Island.

 Happy Birthday Cake #2 (of 4) more NASCARS

More games in the living room. Papa, Nana and K-man are playing Ticket to Ride while the girls put together all our puzzles. 

 K-sis getting her nails done.

 Shawn and Bruce managed to find a few free hours to whip out a shelving unit for our downstairs bathroom that we are building. I'm so excited!

 Papa and K-man building a Jeff Gordon NASCAR model.

 Nana and all the girls made Shrinky Dinks.

 K-girl's 7th birthday was on March 10th. I'm having a heard time know that she is going to be in 2nd grade next year.

 shhh....birthday game. I'm a sneaky mom, she loves playing this game and doesn't realize she's doing school at the same time.

 K-girl wanted pumpkin break and horses. Imagine that!

This was the first trip that we managed to find time to get Papa over to Fargo. So what did we do first??? Visit the airplane museum! They even had a L-2 just like Papa's airplane (but according to the kids, Papa's was better).

 Nana and the K-kids in front of the L-2.

 K-sis trying out her hand at flying a helicopter. They had lots of "real" displays for the kids to climb on.

The whole crew. :)

We always love to have visitors!

K-man Turns 9

K-man was really excited to have a friend party this year. He had a blast and the party was a total success! It worked out perfect because we had beautiful weather and were able to hold the party in our garage and play outside.  We ended up with 25 kids ages 6 months to 16 years old; 1 dad (Shawn), 4 moms and Mrs. Doering (our MN grandma).

We invited families from 4-H and homeschoolers from our church since it was during the day ended up with kids of various ages so everyone had someone to play with.

Of course he wanted a NASCAR theme again. He knows what he likes!

 We had two cakes this year, one chocolate and the other vanilla. I'm not a professional cake decorator, but the cakes tasted good and K-man got to choose how they looked.

Since the best time for us to hold the party was during the day, we decided to serve lunch after homeschool 4-H.

After lunch and cake we played a few games that K-man picked out.
First, we played Pit Crew. The kids were blindfolded, spun around and then had to put the car parts in the correct location. This was fun for the kids and funny for the adults to watch.

 K-man also wanted to have races with his NASCAR Hotwheels on the driveway. He went out early in the morning before 4-H and drew lines for points on the driveway. The kids loved seeing how far they could get their car to roll down our driveway and everyone could play at the same time. When you have this many kids at a party that's important.

 After a few games he wanted to have time to play and shoot hoops with his friends.

He opened presents.

 The birthday party crowd. (minus a few that didn't make the picture, I know one of mine was inside playing kitchen in her room with her friend.)

We ended the party by skating at the indoor ice arena. The kids had fun playing freeze tag with each other.

A Huge thanks goes out to Mrs. Doering who helped me serve lunch and cleaned up while we were keeping everyone busy! I know I couldn't have done it without her.

We also celebrated his birthday with both sets of grandparents when they came up to visit, but I'll have to save those pictures for another day.

Friday, March 16, 2012


We have lots of artists in our family, but I'm pretty sure that the artistic gene skipped a generation from Nana Yvette and went right to our children. We even have a few pieces of Nana's artwork on our walls as proof.

A painting by Yvette when she was in high school or college. This one has a treasured spot in our bedroom.

She has even made quilting an art as demonstrated by this beautiful quilt she made K-girl for her cowgirl room.

I'm even hoping to get a stain glass piece from Nana Yvette sometime. (hint-hint) ;)

My mom is also sharing her artistic talent with the kids as a quilter and long-arm machine quilter.

I love to craft, but my artistic talent is limited to following the directions of projects other people have created. I'm pretty sure my art teacher in Middle School cringed each time I was in class.

Well, all of my children loved to be involved in anything crafty, artistic, baking and building. This week we started a new venture in to the world of art by trying out some chalk pastels that Nana Yvette bought K-girl for her birthday. I was really impressed with what the kids came up with!

These were the first drawings. Top left: K-man, top right: K-girl, bottom left: K-sis and bottom right K-baby. I didn't give them much instruction besides try to be gentle with the chalk so they don't break into pieces and blend with your fingers. We went through a LOT of baby wipes this week.

After our first project was complete I looked online for some ideas to follow. I loved these sunflower paintings that I found on an art teacher website. The teacher said she did this project with 6th graders, but I think all my big kids did a fantastic job (and K-baby didn't care, she had fun).

 Showing off their portraits! Please ignore the messy hair, dirty fingers and faces because it was 35 degrees above normal so we were outside all day long! This was the only group shot I could get them to stand for so poor K-man isn't the best. Oh well.

I didn't really have to do anything to help them. I showed them a couple of pictures on the website and they went to town. Doing art gives them something productive to do while I do the read aloud. This week we are studying Norway and reading Heidi.

 K-girl used my drawing, but did all the chalk work on her own. Her drawing was still wet when we did the second stage.

I didn't get a chance to proof read this, but I've got to run, we're having a fire outside tonight with the kids so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. It's beautiful out and we are taking advantage of it! (did I mention 35 degrees above normal?)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Misc. pictures from our week.

Our laptop broke (again) this week, so we are down to our old computer and the Kindle for Internet. It takes a little longer to load pictures on our slow computer and then upload them to the Internet, but here are a few highlights from our week.

The big kids have been busy adding walls on their snow fort. 

K-sis loves to have her hair done and she always wants to choose how she wants it to look. She has been really loving these double buns lately.  

The back view. 

We also managed to get a TON of school stuff done this week. The kids loved the science experiments that we did on Friday to learn about colors.
 Everyone got to take turns combining the primary colors to make their own new colors.

 K-baby was helping too! She only tipped over one of the cups, but we managed to save most of the yellow to complete our color experiment. She loved the magnifying glass.

Pretty colors!

Now we just have to go to the girls gymnastics show this afternoon, try to fit in cross country skiing, watch NASCAR (K-man), attend a parenting seminar at church, and clean the house before me in-law get here on Tuesday. I don't think I'll get much of a chance to lounge around. Plus, K-man and K-girl both have birthdays this week. Let the fun begin!