Friday, March 16, 2012


We have lots of artists in our family, but I'm pretty sure that the artistic gene skipped a generation from Nana Yvette and went right to our children. We even have a few pieces of Nana's artwork on our walls as proof.

A painting by Yvette when she was in high school or college. This one has a treasured spot in our bedroom.

She has even made quilting an art as demonstrated by this beautiful quilt she made K-girl for her cowgirl room.

I'm even hoping to get a stain glass piece from Nana Yvette sometime. (hint-hint) ;)

My mom is also sharing her artistic talent with the kids as a quilter and long-arm machine quilter.

I love to craft, but my artistic talent is limited to following the directions of projects other people have created. I'm pretty sure my art teacher in Middle School cringed each time I was in class.

Well, all of my children loved to be involved in anything crafty, artistic, baking and building. This week we started a new venture in to the world of art by trying out some chalk pastels that Nana Yvette bought K-girl for her birthday. I was really impressed with what the kids came up with!

These were the first drawings. Top left: K-man, top right: K-girl, bottom left: K-sis and bottom right K-baby. I didn't give them much instruction besides try to be gentle with the chalk so they don't break into pieces and blend with your fingers. We went through a LOT of baby wipes this week.

After our first project was complete I looked online for some ideas to follow. I loved these sunflower paintings that I found on an art teacher website. The teacher said she did this project with 6th graders, but I think all my big kids did a fantastic job (and K-baby didn't care, she had fun).

 Showing off their portraits! Please ignore the messy hair, dirty fingers and faces because it was 35 degrees above normal so we were outside all day long! This was the only group shot I could get them to stand for so poor K-man isn't the best. Oh well.

I didn't really have to do anything to help them. I showed them a couple of pictures on the website and they went to town. Doing art gives them something productive to do while I do the read aloud. This week we are studying Norway and reading Heidi.

 K-girl used my drawing, but did all the chalk work on her own. Her drawing was still wet when we did the second stage.

I didn't get a chance to proof read this, but I've got to run, we're having a fire outside tonight with the kids so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. It's beautiful out and we are taking advantage of it! (did I mention 35 degrees above normal?)


  1. These are great! I definitely need to do more art at our's intimidating (ok, and MESSY) so it's usually left on the back burner. I need to change that!

  2. Glad everyone loved the pastels - its such a fun medium, I know its messy but maybe thats why I like it! Give yourself some credit Carrie, I love all the artwork you do with the kids.... its so easy for kids to think outside the box... keep up the good ARTwork! :)