Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday K-girl!

K-girl's birthday was earlier in the month and we finally had her friend party today. She had a blast! We had perfect weather and were able to go outside after we did some fun crafting projects. The kids made place cards for the table, adjustable bead bracelets, felt hair bow clips and a name hanger for their rooms. 

 K-girl with her cake. My kids are consistent in their likes. She had to have horses on her cake again!

All ready to party!

 The projects from the party! The kids thought using my Cricut was pretty fun. K-man was in charge of helping the kids make their names. K-baby punched part of her background out instead of the extra paper, but she didn't care. K-girl made the purple felt bow and I thought it turned out really cute. The bracelets had sliding knots on it so the girls can adjust them. I think I'll be able to tie that knot in my sleep for a while.

I made a really cute wall banner using fabric scraps from my stash. I used some scraps from K-baby's quilt so I'm hoping I can hang it in their room for decor after the party. I saw an idea on Pinterest with the balloons hanging from the ceiling and I thought it turned out really cute!

Shawn ended up having to go work on Saturday to help burn, (it's hard to turn down getting paid time and a half!) so I was really glad that my friend Sara was able to stay and help me with the crafting projects. Thanks Sara!

Whew! Thus ends our birthday party extravaganza for the spring. I love making their day special, but I don't think we'll be having huge friend parties every year.

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  1. Oooh fun! I love all the crafty ideas! The fabric scrap garland is awesome! I want to make some for different holidays or Katie's room. You'll have to show me how you did it next time you're in Kansas!

    I'm totally with you and being ready for a break when bdays are finally over!