Saturday, March 17, 2012

K-man Turns 9

K-man was really excited to have a friend party this year. He had a blast and the party was a total success! It worked out perfect because we had beautiful weather and were able to hold the party in our garage and play outside.  We ended up with 25 kids ages 6 months to 16 years old; 1 dad (Shawn), 4 moms and Mrs. Doering (our MN grandma).

We invited families from 4-H and homeschoolers from our church since it was during the day ended up with kids of various ages so everyone had someone to play with.

Of course he wanted a NASCAR theme again. He knows what he likes!

 We had two cakes this year, one chocolate and the other vanilla. I'm not a professional cake decorator, but the cakes tasted good and K-man got to choose how they looked.

Since the best time for us to hold the party was during the day, we decided to serve lunch after homeschool 4-H.

After lunch and cake we played a few games that K-man picked out.
First, we played Pit Crew. The kids were blindfolded, spun around and then had to put the car parts in the correct location. This was fun for the kids and funny for the adults to watch.

 K-man also wanted to have races with his NASCAR Hotwheels on the driveway. He went out early in the morning before 4-H and drew lines for points on the driveway. The kids loved seeing how far they could get their car to roll down our driveway and everyone could play at the same time. When you have this many kids at a party that's important.

 After a few games he wanted to have time to play and shoot hoops with his friends.

He opened presents.

 The birthday party crowd. (minus a few that didn't make the picture, I know one of mine was inside playing kitchen in her room with her friend.)

We ended the party by skating at the indoor ice arena. The kids had fun playing freeze tag with each other.

A Huge thanks goes out to Mrs. Doering who helped me serve lunch and cleaned up while we were keeping everyone busy! I know I couldn't have done it without her.

We also celebrated his birthday with both sets of grandparents when they came up to visit, but I'll have to save those pictures for another day.


  1. We had a SUPER time, Carrie! You are a great hostess. :)

  2. The cakes looked so cute..... and yes very Nascar!! My boys always enjoyed having friends over for their birthdays and got to choose the activities they wanted to do. Looks like a great day!!

  3. I'm sure you were worn out at the end of this day! I'll bet he'll remember this party for a long time though! Way to go, Mom!