Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grandparents and Two Birthdays In One Week

Shawn's parents decided to come visit over the kids birthdays and the kids were so excited. I think they may have been counting down the days for a month! We wore them out over 6 days and then sent them back home.

At the airport watching for Papa's plane.

 K-sis, first to jump in the plane and hug Papa Bruce.

 We celebrated K-man's 9th birthday on March 6th with picking up the grandparents at the airport, eating at the Chinese restaurant, opening presents and eating cake. Whew, that makes me tired just to think of what we managed to squeeze into half a day. 

 K-man requested games that he played at Uncle Kenny and Aunt Staci's house. He loves Forbidden Island and Ticket to Ride and if you visit, you can bet that he will try to talk you into playing with him.

 K-baby wearing her cowgirl/princess hat band.

 We filled up the kitchen table. The girls had to break out the art supplies with Nana Yvette and K-man talked Daddy and Papa into playing Forbidden Island.

 Happy Birthday Cake #2 (of 4) more NASCARS

More games in the living room. Papa, Nana and K-man are playing Ticket to Ride while the girls put together all our puzzles. 

 K-sis getting her nails done.

 Shawn and Bruce managed to find a few free hours to whip out a shelving unit for our downstairs bathroom that we are building. I'm so excited!

 Papa and K-man building a Jeff Gordon NASCAR model.

 Nana and all the girls made Shrinky Dinks.

 K-girl's 7th birthday was on March 10th. I'm having a heard time know that she is going to be in 2nd grade next year.

 shhh....birthday game. I'm a sneaky mom, she loves playing this game and doesn't realize she's doing school at the same time.

 K-girl wanted pumpkin break and horses. Imagine that!

This was the first trip that we managed to find time to get Papa over to Fargo. So what did we do first??? Visit the airplane museum! They even had a L-2 just like Papa's airplane (but according to the kids, Papa's was better).

 Nana and the K-kids in front of the L-2.

 K-sis trying out her hand at flying a helicopter. They had lots of "real" displays for the kids to climb on.

The whole crew. :)

We always love to have visitors!


  1. You can see the snow melting in that last shot! We did squeeze in a lot of activities and we had lots of fun at home too. Hated to leave to come home, and now roofing season begins...... Thanks for all the great times!!

  2. Looks like you squeezed in every possible minute of fun you could while they were visiting!

    I'm sure Kelton will be eager to play Kolsen's games with him next time you're back this way.