Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dad's Retirement Surprise

After 23 years of serving as the Recreation Director for the city of Hutchinson my father is retiring. His retirement party was on the 22nd of April and the kids and I decided to drive down and surprise him. We left at 1 a.m. on Friday morning and managed to arrive in Hutchinson by 12:45 p.m. just in time for lunch with my mom. (With a 11-12 hour drive we don't usually just drop in unannounced.) My mother called my dad to meet us at the store and the kids waved to him as he drove up. We had managed to keep it a surprise and he was so excited that we could make it.

My dad with all the kids.

 My parents hosted a lunch get together for all our family who drove in for the occasion. All of my dad's siblings were able to come and we had a great time visiting with all the aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins. Shawn's parents and Staci's mom also came to celebrate with us.

 K-man managed to organize a game of kickball.

The kids always love the ride-on toys.

 The giant sandbox is always a hit.

 All of Papa Bo's great grand kids. The kids always have fun playing together and it makes me wish we lived a little bit closer.

 Nana Yvette made the trip up for the party too. It's always fun to have both sets of grandparents around.

K-baby had too much fun early in the day and fell asleep on the way to Papa's party.

Wish my arms full of a sleeping child, I didn't get very many pictures.

 This is the back of the travel quilt my mom made for my dad. Each of the grand kids colored a picture that she pieced into the backing.

 The cake and meal were delicious and was made by the same family that made our wedding cake. Thanks Girsts for the yummy food!

The kids and my parents sitting on the new bench my dad received from his co-workers.

We can't wait to hear about all of your travels!

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  1. So great that you were able to make the trip and surprise him!