Friday, April 27, 2012

Dedication Ceremony

While we were down in Kansas visiting my family for my dad's retirement we were able to celebrate the dedication for the Jim Smith Playscape at the Dillon Nature Center. My kids LOVE playing here and Shawn and I were able to help brainstorm some ideas to include at the very beginning of the project. It was really neat to see the project progress from idea to the wonderful place my children enjoy playing at today.

This was a facility whose staff was under my dad's management so we were able to watch him give a speech. The Dillon Nature Center is a place that is near and dear to my heart, I was able to attend science camp there as a child, I worked the science camp for three summers and watched as the center changed to the wonderful place that it is today.

The playscape has everything a kid could possibly need water, sand, dirt, sticks and places to run free and wild.

Listening to Papa speak.

 My father talking about the Playscape.

K-man, K-girl and Cousin A were excited to be part of the ribbon cutting ceremony! This was a special honor that I'm sure my kids will remember for years to come.

After the speeches and ribbon cutting the kids were able to participate in many of the fun activities that the staff had planned in and around the playscape for the day. It was a perfect day!

 Floating boats down the river.

 K-baby enjoying the grass hills.

 K-man playing in a stick tepee.

 Cousin A and K-girl digging in the giant sandbox.

 The cousins (minus one napping cousin) posing for a picture on the climbing tree.

 K-sis creating some fun with pieces of wood.

 Nana Kristi helping the kids create!

 Posing under the eagle with Nana, Papa and Cousin A a the entrance to the DNC.

 More pictures of the cousins, I love this bear bench.

 Turtles at the pond.

 My brother Ken, Cousin I and K-baby enjoying some shade on the observation deck.

 Creating maracas from dried gourds.

 Bird seed pine cones with peanut butter.

 All the k-kids planing sunflower seeds with Papa Tom in the background.

 K-girl's boat.

 K-sis's boat.

The DNC is a perfect place for good pictures and I always manage to get the kids to stand still for a few on our trips.

We had a fabulous time and can't wait to get back to KS to play again some time soon. I just wish we had a natural playscape park in our town too.

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  1. Wow! The playscape looks amazing! I know a few more K-kids that I bet would enjoy spending some time there also. I need to check it out and we should definitely plan a visit together!