Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen

He is risen, indeed!

We are so thankful this day for our risen Savior!

Although our weather was cold and windy, we enjoyed a wonderful day attending church, finding eggs and eating with our "adopted" grandparents.

 We managed to get everyone up and moving so we attended the 8:00 service at church this morning. That's a bit early for us, so we didn't get a pretty Easter picture with everyone's dresses this year. After first service ended the kids and I stayed to help pack up some projects for the little kids to take home with them and when we got home from church, Shawn had put out all the eggs. The kids were so excited! was cold and windy, but we still managed to get a good family shot.

 I think they found all the eggs.

 My big girls helping to boil the eggs so we could dye them. Better late than never!

 Mrs. Doering brought over a beautiful bunny cake that tasted delicous. I wish my cakes looked this good!

 Dying eggs and eating the ones that cracked.

We have a super busy week coming and and we would appricate your prayers to stay safe in our travels and patience in parenting. Shawn has a training that will involve him being gone for 1-2 nights and all day Tuesday. On Thursday, I'm leaving to go to the MN homeschool conference (yeah!) and won't be back home until Saturday night, followed by nursery duty in church Sunday morning.

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  1. Glad you had a good Easter weekend even though it was a bit chilly! Prayers for your busy week! Enjoy the conference!