Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life As We Know It

We always seem to be busy with life and running kids to all their activities and this week was no exception. 

Last Saturday we had a garage sale that went fairly well. The weather was rainy most of the day, but we still managed to get rid of lots of stuff. The rest of the clothing that didn't sell I ended up taking to a new consignment store in town.
 The girls tried selling salt crystals and toy horses. :) I think they had LOTS of fun.

 K-man helped me make all the change.

On Wednesday we had awards night at AWANAS. The kids all received their awards, said verses and sang songs. I'm always amazed at how much they learn each year. I love that we can all participate on Wednesday nights, Shawn was a Sparkies group leader for the 1-2 grade boys and I was a listener (and sub for leaders who were gone).

 My Puggle, Cubbie, Spark and T&T kids!

 K-man managed to finish his whole book and then he worked his way through the book again and earned a Silver Award. The Silver Award was a huge deal because he had to work through 8 sections of his book which involved memorizing 1 question, 4 answers and 8 verses which all had to be recited in one sitting. He ended up memorizing more than 64 verses this year.

 K-girl blazed through her book and even finished going back through her book to do her reviews. She loves it when she hears a verse in church or is reading her Bible and finds a verse she already knows. Our neighbor girl, who we bring to AWANAS with us is on the Left of the photo.

 K-baby is the second from the Left. I was surprised that she made it the whole time. She really changed this year and she LOVED Puggles. We are so thankful for the people who served these little blessings!

 K-sis is 4th from the Left. She really enjoyed her 3rd year of Cubbies and is looking forward to being a Spark next year!

We ended our week with another busy Saturday. Shawn took the older two k-kids fishing with a friend from church. They had a great time and managed to catch quite a few fish before the rain hit.

 I took the little girls to some garage sales with me and found a few good deals.

In the afternoon we took all the kids to the free bike rodeo that was sponsored by our local library and Central Lakes Cycle. If you ever have the opportunity to do this in your area you should definitely check it out. Our kids had a blast!
 The bikes all loaded up. We took both vans so we could fit the bikes and kids. :)

 K-sis and daddy waiting in line for her turn at the bike obstacle course.

 Still waiting...

K-baby on the course, I think she was at a stop sign in this picture. She was grinning from ear to ear when she finished!

The best part was getting a call from Central Lakes Cycle (our local bike shop) that K-baby had WON a new BIKE!!! YAHOO! There was lots of jumping and laughing this afternoon for sure and all she knows is that she wants her new bike to be PINK!

Shawn and I also managed to go on two dates this week, one with our Bible study group and then by ourselves for my late birthday dinner. Whew! I'm kind of hoping it rains this week so we can have some time to recover.


  1. Amazing week.... love the fish, love the awanas news, and love the new bike!! yeah for K-baby!

  2. Now that is a busy week! Great job at awanas, Kkids! :-)