Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some Weekend Fun

Last summer Shawn built the kids a new playset and he had LOTS of help when it came time to stain it this year. It was the perfect project for the kids to help with and boy, oh boy did they have fun!

Waiting for daddy to give out stain.

 K-baby helping daddy out. She thought she was hot stuff!

 K-man helped dad the whole way through to the end!

We're hoping to get a "new" boat this summer sometime. When we have 1,000 lakes in our county you need a boat to play with.  The garage sale, jon boat I bought Shawn a few years ago isn't quite big enough for our growing family. One of our friends from bible study is selling their boat and they let us take it out this weekend for a ride. We all fit! Now Shawn just has to figure out what he wants.

pure joy!


  1. What a fun time! I LOVE the water..... can't wait to go fishing too....

  2. Everyone fits, including Abby! LOL