Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Usually I can say we never win anything, but this past month had been a little crazy around our house.

In April, while I was having a blast at the homeschool conference in the Twin Cities with some of my friends, Shawn was taking care of all the kiddos. Keeping up with four kids is lots of work, so Shawn looked for some ways to ease his time by finding free food cooked by other people. :) I'd do the same thing if I have a chance.

That weekend there happened to be a men's health fair serving free food at the local community arena in town. Shawn took the kids there for dinner and then wondered through the booths signing up for some of the door prizes. Later that evening he got two calls that he had WON some of the door prizes he had entered. First, he received a call that he had won a free, year membership to 24 Fitness which is just down the road from our house about a 1/2 mile. Imagine his surprise when he got a second call telling him that he had also won a share at Bluebird Gardens!!!! A share is $400 and we LOVE Bluebird Gardens so we were very excited about this! I'm not sure how much a gym membership costs, I just know it is more than we are normally willing to pay, so we haven't done it in the past. But WOW, two huge prizes in one day!

This past weekend we went to another free event offered in our community. (no food this time) A bunch of local businesses offered a Bike Rodeo for kids. The kids all had their helmets and bikes checked for safety and then got to ride in an obstacle course. When they completed the course their name was entered in a drawing to win one of four different bikes. I wish you could have seen K-baby's face when they called to let us know she had WON a new bike! She was jumping up and down, grinning from ear to ear and making requests that her new bike be pink.

 K-baby's new, pink Trek bike!

This is a really nice bike. The tag said it was worth $180, which I think is crazy for a little kids bike. Now we had to do some other bike switching because K-sis is now on a bike that is smaller than K-baby. K-girl is also in need of a bigger bike this summer. I'm hoping to find K-girl a new bike at a garage sale this coming weekend and then pass her old bike (k-man's old bike) down the line.

If I believed in the lottery I'd buy a ticket this month, but I think I'll just save my money instead.

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  1. That is so awesome! I can't believe you won a 1/2 share at Bluebird Gardens! I know how much you love everything you get there! Sooo exciting for Dee Dee too to get a new bike! How fun to get away with some friends for the weekend and come home to all these prizes!