Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fast and Furious Travel

This past week flew by for our family! Shawn's grandpa Guy is in the hospital and recently had two different surgeries so we decided it was time to make a quick dash down to Kansas. We left on Monday morning and returned home on Wednesday, about 12 hours on the road each way. It was a quick trip and our first time to visit KS and not stay at a grandparent's house. Luckily, both of our brother's families live near Wichita, KS and were able to take us in for a night. (I'm sure they would have been willing for us to stay longer, but this is Shawn's busiest time at work so we had to hurry home.)

 Our four k-kids and Shawn's brother Eric's three k-kids. Christmas is a little bit crazy at the Papon household with seven K. Papons running around.

 The boys with all the kids playing on the playset. It was HOT and WINDY!

 Shawn and one of our nephews.

 K-baby loved all of her cousin's dress-up clothes.

 Nana was able to visit and enjoyed playing games with all the kiddos.

 K-man and his cousin enjoyed a game of battleship.

The second night we drove over to my brother's house and enjoyed a short stay. A couple of our kids got sick overnight, but recovered by morning. Nothing like having guest in your house that are puking. Yuck!

 K-girl and a cousin.

 The kids enjoyed some time swimming with their cousins.

The kids didn't end up getting to see Papa Guy because he was in ICU most of the time we were down in KS, but Shawn was able to spend quite a few hours visiting with him. I'm glad that we made the trip and are praying for Guy's recovery. Hopefully our next trip to KS won't be as fast or furious.

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  1. The kids had a great visit! Can't wait to see you all again soon!