Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Four Excited Kids

We are officially into our second week of summer and activities are keeping us busy. It almost makes me wish for winter when we stay home for days on end and don't travel anywhere, but not quite. We took last week off completely from school and any scheduled activities (besides our camping vacation) and this week we are easing back into some school work (the kids are each working on spelling and math each day) and the summer activities have started in full force.

 K-girl is attending a Ridin' on Faith Horse Camp this week for girls ages 7-12. She was up on Monday morning and ready to go at 7 o'clock even though the camp didn't start until 9. :) She had a fabulous time meeting with the five other girls her age, learning about horses and talking about God. She worked really hard to memorize her verse the first night so she could get a prize when she went back on day two. If you ask her she'll tell you her horse's name for the week is Hershey and he's kind of ornery.

 K-man is really worked up this week. Baseball season has finally begun and he is really ready! I had to drop him off at a friend's house to take him to the first baseball meeting so he wouldn't be late and miss anything, since K-girl's camp started at the exact same time (go figure). When I arrived at the meeting he ran up and was so excited to show me his new baseball hat and t-shirt. Go YANKEES!!

Last, but not least the little girls are excited about summer too! After the first week of applying tons of sunscreen for all our outdoor activities I decided to bite the bullet and get all the kids new swimsuits and aqua shoes. Do you realize how long it takes to lather up 3 girls and 1 boy each day??? We had one girl suit with a saggy bottom, one with straps that kept falling off and the other one's suit wasn't covering her top area.  Luckily, Walmart had some good deals on some super cute suits that are modest, will greatly free up my time spent applying sunscreen for other fun activities and provide more protection against the sun. I'm thinking by the end of summer the amount I will save in buying sunscreen for my children will be greater than the initial cost of the suits. (Plus I'm praying that these will last longer and I can reuse them next year since all three girls are wearing the same short sizes.)

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  1. Love Karolyn's green boots! Horse camp sounds right up her alley! Koslen looks like a pro with that stance! Can't wait to hear about his first home run! K3 and K4 look super cute in their new suits!