Saturday, June 2, 2012


The big kids have been busy running with daddy, training for a 1 mile race. Today was the big day and they all did a fantastic job! 

 K-girl before the start

 K-man before the start

 K-baby helping daddy to stretch before the race.

 All lined up and ready to start the 1 mile fun run. The kids weren't on the front line, but Shawn is to the left of the person in the purple shirt in the background of this picture.

 This was at the 1/2 way point and they were cruising along!

 K-man came across before I was ready and I just managed to snap a picture of him as he crossed the finish line.

 K-girl and daddy sprinting it to the finish line.

 The whole running crew with their finishing medals!

 K-man managed to finish 7th place (out of 153 runners) in his first 1 mile race ever! He was the first 9 year old to finish too. His time was 8:42.

K-girl and Shawn ran together the whole way and she did a fantastic job too! She finished in 15th place beating dad by one spot ;). She finished with a time of 9:23. Only 7 girls managed to finish in front of her and she was the first 7 year old to cross the line!

I guess running must be in their blood!

We also cheered for two other ladies in our couples bible study and a lot of other families that we knew from around town. They also had a 5K and 1/2 marathon races going at the same time. I couldn't believe how many people were there! I think they ended up with around a 1,000 participants overall.

They had a fantastic time and can't wait to find another road race to run. K-man is going to try entering a Hershey Track meet in a few weeks and I'm excited because that's how I started out running too. Hopefully I'll have some helpers with me this summer as I train for the Hoot Lake Triathlon at the end of July.


  1. So proud of our little runners. With mom and dad as great runners, we should expect great things! Well done guys....

  2. That is awesome! Of course your kids are going to be fabulous runners! Good luck on your triathlon! I keep hoping I'll have the courage to enter the one in Hutch one of these years.