Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day Weekend

I took the kids to Fleet Farm to pick out Shawn's Father's Day gift and they REALLY wanted to get him a tube to pull behind the boat. We wrapped it up and open it right away so they could try it out. We declared that it was going to be Father's Day weekend so he could open his present early. When Shawn got home from work on Friday we opened it up, returned it for a different one and then headed to the lake to try it out.

 This is me. I'm trying to train for a triathlon at the end of July. I jumped in the lake to swim for 20 minutes while Shawn and the kids did circles around me with the boat and tube so other boaters wouldn't run over me. It was really busy on the lake for Friday afternoon! I had a good swim, but next time I'm going to remember to bring my goggles.


 K-baby waving to mommy in the water.

K-girl liked to go FAST and she kept pointing in the air to go faster!

K-man liked going fast too!

The tube was a definite hit with the kids, Shawn got to drive his boat around the lake and I got some training time in, everyone was happy! We were glad that we all got to spend some more special time with Shawn and celebrate how awesome he is as a dad.


  1. So glad you spend every minute with family.... Looks like the tube was a hit.... Bet the water was cold! ;-)