Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We are on our second week of Bluebird Garden's CSA and really enjoying our fresh veggies. I love it when my kids will eat lettuce right off the head.

 The second week box. The cabbage and lettuce heads are huge!

The first week box, both the family share (left) and regular share (right). I was totally amazed by the variety of veggies in the first box.

We ended up giving our friends the share box and we are taking the family share box because we had originally planned on splitting a family share, but Shawn won a free share box. We are both getting an amazing deal this summer and I can't wait for the harvest events to begin.

I just checked our freezer and we only have a few frozen veggies left (mainly green beans and pumpkin) and one jar of salsa. I do have lots of roasted tomato sauce, but I think we ate almost everything else.

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  1. You're going to be getting busy now! Lots of freezing and canning for the winter. That cabbage looks yummy. I saw a recipe on pinterest for roasting or grilling quartered cabbage. It looked really good!