Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shawn's New Toy

Boy, oh boy do I have one excited man on my hands, he just purchased a fishing/hunting boat with a 25 hp motor. I'm sure he is hoping to get in lots of fishing this summer and I'm just glad that we can all fit in one boat and not have to worry about sinking it.

fishing with K-man

 Shawn and K-sis at the helm of his new toy.

 The best thing about boating a Molly Stark lake is that Shawn could cruise right on over to the sandy beach area and drop off all the girls so we could swim and build sand castles.

 K-baby loved the fish. We all love fish for dinner!

 And the weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip by Granny's Pantry in Battle Lake for some huge waffle cones!

 K-sis took a dive onto the boat dock at the end of our trip and landed on her face. It looks much better tonight.


We're all excited to start off a summer of outdoor fun!


  1. There will be no staying at home on the weekend now! Bet you are making plans on where to boat.... That is a great family investment! Lots of fun for all.... Poor Ksis, hope she is doing better... Sure looks sore!

  2. Ouch! Poor Kaylee! But it looks like that yummy ice cream makes up for it at least a little!