Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swimming at the Beach

Our crazy town doesn't have an outdoor swimpool, so you can often find us at one of the 1,000 lakes in our county! We do have a wonderful swim beach right in town that has some fun docks to jump off. The kids love swimming!
 K-girl warming up from her swim.

 K-man helping his sister fill a bucket with wet sand. He spent most of his time having a water/squirt gun war with some friends who were there.

K-sis taking a quick break.

We did swim, I promise, I just didn't get any pictures because I was busy keeping track of all four kids in the water.


  1. Just catching up, reading all these. You guys are aMAZING!!!!! I love the way you spend time together as a family.

  2. I see all the different kids in the background. That must really be the place to be! FUN!