Monday, June 4, 2012

Vacation Day 1

Summer is usually a busy time around our house and at work for Shawn, so when we were planning our family vacation we decided to keep it close to home. We've been in MN for 3 years and haven't yet had the chance to explore the twin cities area so that was first on our list. We decided to try squeezing in a visit to the Children's Museum and the Como Zoo all in one day.

The kids had a fabulous time at the Children's Museum and it was a great place for them to explore. It was definitely up there on our list of top 2 children's museums we've been to (along with Appleton, WI). The museum was 4 stories tall, plus a roof garden and we explored every inch! All the displays were working and the museum was clean, which is more than I can say for some of the ones we've been too. It was pretty busy since it was Memorial Day, but they had a great staff and tons of stuff for the kids to do, so they never had to wait very long in line to try anything out.

 We started off exploring manufacturing. The girls used die cuts to make 3D paper horses.

 K-baby and I put together the pieces of Mr. Roger's Trolley.

 K-man working a crane.

 K-baby LOVED the face paint station that the kids could do themselves. I think daddy did her heart, but she did her other cheek. The kids have all requested these face painting crayons for home too.

 All the kids showing off their grocery shopping skills.

 My favorite turtle!

The girls playing restaurant with daddy.

 A family picture before we left.

Our weather was all over the place for the days we planned to be gone. I thought we were supposed to have cold weather the first day, but it ended up being in the 90s, so after a quick clothing change for everyone we headed to the free Como Zoo. (along with everyone else in the area)

The monkeys were our favorite part.

mmm...a cold treat to cool us down. We could have bought a couple of boxes of icecream for the same price we paid for 4 Popsicles, but the price was worth the smiles we got from the kids.

I did manage to make a quick trip to Kohls for some new clothes, but JoAnns was closed by the time we drove by. Overall, we had a fabulous day and hope to explore some other things we saw on our next trip.

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  1. What a fun filled day! The children's museum looks awesome! I bet everyone slept well that night!