Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vacation Day 2 and 3

On the second day of our vacation we travelled to a wonderful state park by Mill Lac Lake. We managed to arrive just in time for the big kids to sit in on a class to learn about geocaching and that was the hit of the weekend! I think K-man found a new hobby and he requested a gps be put on his Christmas list for this year.

 K-sis pretending to be a bald eagle.

 A deer?
They had a nice little visitor's center to learn more about how the state park was formed and the Indians that used to live in the area.

 The kids on the hunt for their first geocache.

 They found it! K-man is holding the cache that they found under the boat!

 K-man holding the nature card they got from the cache and K-girl showing off her gps unit that we borrowed from the state park for free.

 K-girl holding up her cache that she found behind the visitor's center! The each got to pick out a poster for finding both caches.

 The kids and I pausing on our hike for a quick picture. It was stormy all day, but we managed to avoid most of the rain and played outside between sprinkles. When it got rainy we just swung by the cabin to play a few games of cards. Since this was Monday and Tuesday after Memorial Day the park was mostly empty and quiet.

 Eating in our cabin.

The camper cabins at the state park are awesome! They have electricity, gas stove heat, beds, screened in porch and an indoor picnic table. It only cost $50/night and it was wonderful to have some place dry to go when it rained. We were also able to pack up in a flash without having to set up a tent. I'm sure we will be staying in these cabins again some time this summer.

 K-man and K-sis taking their turn at doing the dishes. It's always more fun to do chores when your camping.

 Taking a windy boat ride up the river to go fishing.

 The men took a few minutes to fish, but didn't have any luck this trip. The girls had a blast eating the whole bag of kettle corn that daddy bought them while we hung out in the boat.

 Showing off another cache that they found on a trail hike. In this one they could take a little prize if they left something in the cache. They thought this was pretty cool.

 Blurry, but still cute. Enjoying some yummy smores around the campfire at the end of the day.

Our camper cabin.
Originally we were planning on staying two nights, but K-man ended up getting sick the first night in the cabin and spent most of the night puking and having diarrhea. YUCK! It's not easy to be sick when you aren't next to a bathroom, but he was a trooper and felt better by the morning. After skipping his breakfast he was fine the rest of the trip so we're not sure what happened. Since K-man and I didn't sleep very well the first night we decided to pack up a little early and head home after dinner on Tuesday to sleep at home. Overall, we had a fabulous time and the kids are pretty excited to be camping again this weekend with a couple of our friends' families.

We were also blessed that the State Park employee that Shawn checked out with refunded our second night fee when we explained that our kids were sick and we had to leave early! We'll be using that $50 to stay in a camper cabin for sure.

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  1. Poor KMan! Sounds like maybe he ate something that didn't quite agree with him. It does look like a really fun time despite ending on a bit of a sour note.