Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dessert First...

Guess who's here??

My parent's arrived 5 days early (the day after Shawn's parents went home) so they could watch K-man's last baseball game of the year.

And of course when Nana is in town you HAVE to have dessert first!

Lunch in the RV.

Swimming at the beach.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hoot Lake Triathlon

Today was the BIG day and I finally competed in the Hoot Lake Triathlon. I've been training for 3 months and I was really pleased with how I ended up doing. Shawn and all the kids drove/ran around to cheer for me during the race and they managed to get lots of video and pictures so I put them together using Windows Movie Maker to share with all my family.

My goal was to not walk during the run portion of the triathlon and I made it! This was a really hilly bike course and the last mile of the run was all up hill too. I ran 8:24 minute miles, which I thought was pretty good after the swim and bike.

A big thanks to Matt Shirkey who loaned me his racing bike, which made a big difference in my biking time and also to Kelsey Shirkey who let me borrow her triathlon outfit since she was only doing the swim this year. I'm thinking that I may need to get my own racing bike, but I have to save a $1,000 or so first. (Crazy!)

I'm all ready for next year!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Go Redhawks!

 We managed to squeeze in a visit to the Fargo Moorehead Redhawks for a AAA baseball game this week with Shawn's parents. When the game started we were a little worried about the weather because it started raining, but we stuck it out through the first few innings and the rest of the game turned out beautiful. The kids all had fun cheering on the Redhawks and I know this is something we want to do again sometime. I couldn't believe that tickets were only $9 each to sit right behind home plate. The kids all enjoyed their free kids meals and souvenirs that they received. 

Bluebird Garden Box

I've been forgetting to take pictures of my veggies from our CSA box each week, but I finally remembered to snap a quick picture before I stored my produce away this week. I would have to say that this year's boxes have been even better than last years. I'm always amazed at the variety that we get each week. We've been able to keep up and eat most of our veggies each week, but I've been freezing some of the onions and cabbage when we get too much.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Morning View

This view is so relaxing. 
I wished I lived here all the time because then I may never need to leave.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Visitors from Kansas part 1

Nana Yvette and Papa Bruce are up visiting this week and we take our responsibilities of wearing them out while on vacation very seriously! I'm sure they are going to be longing for long work days in the KS heat by the end of the week with all the activities we have planned.

We kidnapped Nana off the airplane as soon as she landed and took her to an old fashioned tea party with some of our friends. The girls had a great time enjoying some lovely tea and lunch. I'm definitely thinking I'll have to unpack all of my tea cups I got from my grandmother and have our own tea party. 

We love our beautiful, shady backyard and had to show Nana and Papa all the perks of the sandbox, hammock, sprinkler and pool.

 Nana Yvette with K-sis and K-baby in the sandbox making tea.

 Papa Bruce found the hammock right away, but I don't think he ever got a chance to be in it by himself.

 Nana did some crafting with the girls.

 Papa braved our cold MN sprinkler water and joined the girls for some backyard fun.

 Some how they managed to fit 4 people in our little pool.

Saturday evening we managed to spend a few hours at the county fair. The kids enjoyed walking through all the animals barns. We saw lots of animals from families that we knew and my kids were impressed by the Fronning's cattle and goats. We also enjoyed lots of yummy fair treats and rides too.

 Looking at the baby chicks.

 Nana Yvette and K-sis looking at the exotic animal barn.

 This little girl let us all pet her bucket calf.

 K-sis, K-baby, Shawn and Papa enjoyed a ride on the carousel.

 K-man and K-girl did a few of the older kid rides. K-man and Papa Bruce also did the bumper cars, which K-man thought was the best ride ever!

 On Sunday I sent the family to the zoo and then I met them at the pool after church. I had to teach nursery this week. I think these guys were all glad to cool off in the water after spending a few hours at the zoo.

 Nana and K-sis

 K-baby jumping into the water.

 K-baby and Dad 

 Nana picked up a couple of leaches while she was swimming.

 On Monday nights Shawn plays on a church softball team. They won one game and lost the second one.

The cheering crowd.

Whew! I'm tired and it's only Monday night. Tomorrow we have K-man's b-ball game and then we are going to watch the Fargo Red Hawks. We are very thankful to have grandparents who love our kids and enjoy playing.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Day at Home

I love it when we get to stay home!

 K-girl working on a project she received as a gift for her birthday. It turned out so cute!

 We painted rainbow nails. You can just choose one color.

 The did a little Wii Dance.

 Sprinkler time in the front yard. We've been a little dry up here, so I had the rainbow sprinkler running in the front yard and the kids instantly were attracted to it. I'm so thankful that my neighbors have such great kids who get along with ours.

I know this one was blurry, but I still loved it! My kids wake up every day wanting to know if the neighbors are home to play.

Shawn also managed to squeeze in a little batting practice with the kids, but I didn't get any pictures of that because I was mowing while they were playing. K-girl only hit me twice with balls she hit. :) I guess I need to mow a little faster.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Books and Balls

 K-girl has been blooming with her reading skills and she eagerly shares with anyone passing by. She really loves to read to her little sisters before they go to sleep for the night! She just finished her last reading session at our local library where she got a free cookie coupon and a Pizza Ranch gift card. 

K-man has been busy every Tuesday and Thursday all summer long with baseball. The boys loaded up yesterday and headed for Dunhams to buy K-man a few new baseballs since his old ones have slowly disappeared, are broken or have dog bites in them. They ended up buying a huge bucket of "real" balls and K-man hasn't stopped smiling. Let's just say he loves baseball and will talk anyone into playing with him any chance he gets.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Thanks to Aunt Theresa we are now the proud owners of a donut pan! I wanted to try it out right away, but I had to wait until I got all my cucumbers, green beans, blueberries and kale frozen and canned. Today was the first day I didn't have any food emergencies so we made donuts for breakfast. I found the perfect strawberry donut to try recipe on Pinterest and they turned out perfect!    Mine weren't as pink looking as the ones on the blog I read, but they tasted wonderful. They didn't even need the glaze. I was going to take a picture of the kids eating them, but they were gone so fast I didn't have a chance.

K-baby showing off the donuts. Her face is dirty from licking the bowl because she couldn't wait.

 I think I'm going to have to start a donut recipe board on Pinterest. Thanks Theresa!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Time in the Kitchen

Whew! I'm hoping that I don't have to do much in my kitchen tomorrow. I finished up the 10 gallons of beans today. This year we picked yellow and green beans. We've been eating both for every meal and they've tasted delicious.

 I also froze 10 pounds of blueberries. It may have been more like 8 pounds because my kids kept running by and getting a snack cup full of blueberries. I was wanting to make triple berry jam, but I ran out of energy so I froze them for later use.

I've also been freezing some veggie from our CSA box that we haven't been able to eat before the week is out. We were also busy this past week with picking one of Shawn's co-workers garden. They have a huge raspberry patch so I was able to get some in the freezer.

When the Nanas and Papas get to our house they may have troubles recognizing this little cutie. It seems like she is growing and changing every day. She doesn't often wear her hair down and I thought the Nanas would like to see how long it is getting. I LOVE those little ringlet curls and I'm sure it will be quite a while before we do a haircut with this one.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daddy Even Does Hair!

K-baby's calls her new favorite hairdo "piggy buns." I love it because it is very easy to do and keeps the tangles out of her hair and even daddy can do it! All you have to do is make piggy tails (or just a one pony tail), twist and wrap the hair like a bun and then add 4-5 grabber clips around the bun to hold the hair in place. Easy-peasy.

We took a break from the kitchen today and meet a few friends for a sack lunch picnic at Pebble Beach. It was pretty hot out today so this was the perfect activity! The kids had a great time swimming with their friends and Shawn and I had the chance to chat with our friends.



I know K-man and Shawn were around some where, but they missed being on camera.

I even got a few minutes to do a training swim before we left. The water quality in the lake wasn't as good as the lake I usually swim in. If you went out past the swim docks where the water was deeper I couldn't see the bottom. Only two weeks to go and I'm hoping to put in one final week of hard training before I start to taper off all my work. I did manage to do 18 miles on my bike this morning and then a 2 mile run so the swim felt really good to stretch out my muscles.