Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crazy Summer Fun

I sure we aren't the only family who are having troubles getting their kids to bed at a decent time. There are just too many fun activities for us to do with the beautiful weather we've been having.

 On one hot afternoon the kids decided to use yarn to make a spider web in the hallway. I would only recommend this if you can get to a bathroom in a different area of your house and you have gathered all your supplies you need from you bedrooms. I'm sure my kids loved to see me crawling on the floor to my room so I could get something.

 Shawn defrosted some of his duck/goose meat and had the kids help make jerky.  They ended up with four gallons of yummy jerky that the kids have been gobbling up like crazy.

 K-sis helped me make play dough and it had to be brightly colored and glittery! This was one of our summer calendar activities. We've done a bunch of them, but not all.

 K-girl starting her batch of play dough.

 K-man taking a turn with the jerky gun.

 We've been spending lots of time at Hoot Lake with the boat, swimming, tubing and playing on the beach. I'm pretty sure we were at the lake 4 times in the past week. I guess we are getting good use out of our swimsuits and new boat! It's hard not to go to the lake when it is only 2 miles up the road.

 Posing on the "secret" swim dock at Hoot Lake.

 hhhmmmmm....looks like they may have swallowed too much lake water.

 The big kids decided to use the sidewalk chalk that we made to create a giant, outdoor Monopoly board. They had Monopoly money and used bike helmets for their game pieces. 

K-girl loves to help cook and anytime I'm in the kitchen she is right beside me. This week she did pancakes all by herself. She's a huge help to me and I'm so thankful that she enjoys spending time with me in the kitchen!


  1. Boy the lak e looks cool and fun.. So many fun summer activities! Won't be long until we head to cool MN.... Ha wish I had some great help in the kitchen!

  2. I saw the yarn down the hallway idea on pinterest. We're going to do that one this summer too. I keep meaning to make play dough since I'll be able to use safe ingredients. Slime was a huge hit so I know Konny will love play dough too.

    The picture of the kids on the dock cracks me up! I love it!