Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daddy Even Does Hair!

K-baby's calls her new favorite hairdo "piggy buns." I love it because it is very easy to do and keeps the tangles out of her hair and even daddy can do it! All you have to do is make piggy tails (or just a one pony tail), twist and wrap the hair like a bun and then add 4-5 grabber clips around the bun to hold the hair in place. Easy-peasy.

We took a break from the kitchen today and meet a few friends for a sack lunch picnic at Pebble Beach. It was pretty hot out today so this was the perfect activity! The kids had a great time swimming with their friends and Shawn and I had the chance to chat with our friends.



I know K-man and Shawn were around some where, but they missed being on camera.

I even got a few minutes to do a training swim before we left. The water quality in the lake wasn't as good as the lake I usually swim in. If you went out past the swim docks where the water was deeper I couldn't see the bottom. Only two weeks to go and I'm hoping to put in one final week of hard training before I start to taper off all my work. I did manage to do 18 miles on my bike this morning and then a 2 mile run so the swim felt really good to stretch out my muscles. 

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  1. Super cute hair-do and way to go Shawn for fixing it so pretty!

    You're a total rockstar with your training. Another instance that I wish we lived closer so we could train together!