Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th of July

We celebrated the 4th of July over two days this year. We decided to light off our own fireworks on the 3rd so we would have time to head over to Whapeton for their fireworks show and baseball game. 

 The whole family started our day with a pea pick at Bluebird Gardens and we managed to get 2-5 gallon buckets full of peas to shell, one head of Chinese cabbage, a smaller bucket of cucumbers and one zucchini. We had to use one of our farm pick tickets and I'm excited to see our freezer fill up since we have ten more tickets left. It was HOT and HUMID and the kids had a tough time, but we survived. I think it was 96 degrees and the heat index was 106 which is way to hot for us.

K-baby and K-sis are showing off our haul!

Shawn treated everyone to ice cream cones at the B.J.'s gas station to cool off after all our hard work picking peas. It was too hot to eat them outside and by the time we got in the van the cones were melting all over the place. Two of the four kids dropped their cones in the van, but we managed to save some of their ice cream and we didn't have too many tears. 

Shawn and K-sis lighting off our fireworks.

Some sisterly love.

Everyone showing off their favorite fireworks. I love the 4th of July because all I have to do is sit in my chair and enjoy the show while Shawn and the kids do all the work.

Everyone helping Shawn light the last few fireworks.

On the 4th of July we always travel over to Whapeton to enjoy a baseball game and amazing fireworks show. We tried to get to the pool too, but it didn't fit into our schedule this year. We'll have to schedule a visit when to the pool when the Nanas and Papas come up.

K-baby enjoying a pre-fireworks snack.

K-man and I snacking and enjoying some baseball.

Shawn and the kids playing a little game of b-ball on the kids field right behind the legion ball field.

Thank you so much to all those who have fought for our freedom, which we enjoy every day!

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  1. Maybe some year you guys will be done here for the 4th again. Our neighborhood goes crazy!