Monday, July 9, 2012

A Plentiful Harvest

 When Shawn arrived home from work on Friday he surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a prairie planting that he did last year. I love them and I'm hoping that we can take the kids out to see the prairie and all the flowers.

 We did a couple of harvest events this weekend at Bluebird Gardens. We choose to do cucumbers again this year and we are planning on doing pickles in addition to the relish we already made. K-girl was a huge help with the relish. She washed, shredded and mixed all the cucumbers and peppers to go in our mix.

 This food processor has to be one of the loudest kitchen appliances on the planet and whenever it is in use the kids either run from the noise or come running to help. K-man and K-girl took turns helping process cukes for our second batch of relish.

 K-girl wanted me to take a picture of the peppers because they looked like part of the rainbow. We used all the colors and the jars looked so yummy when we finished.

 K-baby had to get in on the action and she helped wash broccoli in salt water to kill the bugs and then transfer to another sink to rinse. We had a 5 gallon bucket of broccoli and it was stuffed full. Shawn and K-girl cut up all the heads and separated the heads from the stem (which we keep for soups and stews). I blanched and then flash froze them on cookie sheets. This morning after I get some pickles going, I'm going to have the kids package it up.

 It was pretty hot in our kitchen with the stove constantly on.

We ended up with 11 pint jars of relish. I guess we'll have to go buy some brats and hot dogs this week to try it out. We did one recipe from scratch using the Ball Canning cook book and the other batch, which was way easier, I used a packet of Mrs. Wages sweet pickle relish. I'm hoping the Mrs. Wages tastes good because it was a lot less labor intensive and cheaper to make.


  1. Wow, so much gardening produce - it all looks yummy! Looking forward to our visit! Please keep it cool.....and maybe I can help out with some canning or freezing! I love the flowers Shawn picked in the prairie! I still so enjoy wildflowers... Plus thats about all that will grow around here.. :)

  2. Wow! That's a lot of relish and broccoli! Every year, I get so jealous of your Blue Bird Gardens hauls!

    I love your big food processor. I just made 10 jars (1/2 pints) of zucchini relish and I did all my chopping by hand. That takes awhile!