Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Storing up for Winter

The kids are getting pretty excited about Shawn's parents coming up for a visit. They created a ring countdown to keep track of the days!

I'm hoping to get a lot of preserving done before my in-laws arrive and my parents come a few weeks later. I don't want to be busy cooking/freezing when they are here to play. Or maybe I'll wait and Yvette and Kristi can help me?

Pickles day 1- I tried out 4 different recipes and ended up with 5 quarts and 14 pints. I still have 2-5 gallon buckets left so I've been giving them away when anyone stops by. Today we decided to go to the beach after we sliced up a couple of batches of cucumbers, so tomorrow after K-man's baseball game I'll be putting up more pickles.

 Freezing onion tops and onions in the freezer has been helping us use up all the onions we've been getting in our CSA box each week. I love being able to grab a handful of onion out of the freezer when I'm cooking through the winter. So far, I've stocked up 2 gallon sacks full of diced onion.

 This is what a 5 gallon bucket of broccoli looks like in the freezer. We even cut up the stem and put it in separate bags to used in stew.

Our pea stash in the freezer. I think the kids probably ate at least this much while we were shelling them and we consumed quite a few for dinner and lunch all week. In the background you can see that I still have tomato sauce from last year, so this year I'm hoping to make canned diced tomatoes.

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  1. Now if we were closer, I'd take some cucumbers! All those peas makes me hungry!