Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Camping at Itasca State Park

 My father retired this year and so my parents have been on the road with their RV this summer. We were excited to be on their route and had a blast camping up at Itasca State Park for three nights. We've only lived in MN for three years and we hadn't made it up to this area of our beautiful state yet, so we enjoyed exploring a new area.
I'm not sure you can call staying in my parent's RV camping, but this is definitely my kind of camping.

 We enjoyed a fire and smores each night.

 The girls can do gymnastics anywhere. They used this parking marker for a balance beam while we were at our camping site.

 The park had some beautiful views along their biking and hiking trails. The pristine lakes were amazing!

 The kids had a blast!

 There were some steps.

 Our mass of bicycles. 
We rented an extra trail-a-bike to take a long bike ride down one of the longer trails to the visitor's center.

 My favorite puppeteer.

 The kids used natural items and glue guns to make boats to float in the lake.

 K-man's boat.

 Of course we had to take a picture at the headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi.

 Shawn helped the big kids manuver across the rocks at the headwaters.

 We also crossed over the river on a log.

 The big kids loved biking every where!

 K-baby loves the trail-a-bike. I definitely got my moneys worth when I spent $40 at a garage sale a few years ago to buy one.

 Playing on the beach.

 more biking

 Posing by our bikes before a ride.

 My parents and the kids.

 The huge pine trees that were saved in the park were truely an amazing part of God's creation that loved viewing.
 My parents with the kids along the scenic drive.

 My mom with the kids in front of the fire tower. 

We are not heights people so my brave mom took two of my kids up to the top of the fire tower. The younger two wanted to go too, but I wouldn't let them go all the way to the top. You are only allowed to have 6 people at a time climbing the tower and you could hear it swaying sometimes. I was glad to take pictures and video from the ground. When you reach halfway you are at the tops of the trees! CRAZY!

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  1. The park looks absolutely beautiful! How fun that you were able to do so much biking!