Sunday, August 12, 2012

Crazy Fun Summer

Our July and August have been crazy, fun! We always love to have our family up to visit us in MN and this year we were doubly blessed to have Shawn's parents for 8 days and then my parents for 2 weeks. 

While my parents were up we managed to find many summer events to attend and even had some backyard fun. I think the kids and I may need to sleep in until 9:00 for a few weeks to recover from all the fun!

All of our kids love going to the Red Horse Ranch for their annual rodeo and this was our 4th year attending. Anything involving horses for our kids is an automatic hit and they all had a blast watching the rodeo. 

My mom snapped a quick shot of the group before the rodeo started. We found some great seats in the bleachers and even got to sit by some friends. The biggest surprise was when one of our friends from Bible study was announced to do the national anthem. She did a fabulous job!

 This lady and her horses were amazing! They had just performed at the Calgary Stampede before she came to our rodeo and she had some amazing tricks. Her Roman riding reminded us of Papa Bruce and we may have to break out some rodeo pictures to look at when we come to KS next time. K-baby looked at me in amazement when I told her Papa Bruce used to stand up on his mules. I'm also sure K-girl may want to try out some of her trick moves when she visits Nana Yvette this week. K-baby loved the barrel racing, but I didn't get any pictures of that.

 My dad and K-man

 My mom and K-baby who is wearing a cowgirl shirt that K-girl used to wear!

 Family picture after the rodeo.

 The kids and my parents. Notice K-baby got a new hat! K-girl was sharing her cowgirl hat with K-sis for this event because it didn't match her new vest that Shawn's grandma had made for Shawn's cousin Angie. Thanks for sharing Angie. I love it when the kids get to wear something that has such special meaning!

My parents brought us huge pine cones from their trip to Oregon and we used them to make bird feeders. We set up one of our small tables outside in the backyard and Nana and Papa were in charge of the troops. I'm thinking our birds will be set with food all winter long.

 Abby really loved this activity! mmmm...peanut butter.

We attended our second Redhawks game for the summer! Shawn managed to get us 8 free tickets with my Sunmart receipts and the kids each got a free meal ticket because it was a Tuesday game so the only money we spent was for a few extra snacks.

 Nana and Papa bought K-man a Redhawks shirt at Sheels before the game.

 The girls loved the sandbox, playground and bounce house area that was right behind our seats. It may be a few more years before they really enjoy a game. My mom was quick to remind me that when they took me to watch the Royals and Chiefs play I would always be reading a book. ;) Shawn and K-man may have to make a few trips without the girls next summer, but since we didn't spend any money on tickets I didn't mind watching the girls have fun playing.

 The whole crew! We were lucky this time and the weather was beautiful the entire time. There was a storm traveling through the area, but it went right North of the ballpark and we didn't get a single drop. The storm couldn't have passed any closer without getting us wet.

After the Redhawks game in Fargo we drove back to my parent's RV parked about 20 minutes away in Buffalo River State Park and stayed the night. We haven't been to this state park before and we had a fun time exploring. The weather was a little bit rainy, but we've never let a little rain stop us from having fun.

In the morning we taught Nana Kristi the fine art of Geocaching. We found 2 caches and saved 2 for next time we visit. They had free GPS units for us to check out and the kids (especially K-man and K-girl) love to   find caches.

 The kids recording their names on a notebook from the first cache. The first one was a 3 step cache so we found 2 other spots listing coordinates before we found the actual cache. The kids choose to take a hotwheels from the box and leave behind a bracelet that they got for free at the Redhawks game.

 Showing off their GPS units and the cache box.

 We even let Nana hold a GPS for a while. 

 K-sis taking her turn.

 These painted rocks next to the Buffalo River was our 2nd cache. We had a great time exploring and then called Papa to come get us in the van at a shortcut point since we had walked a couple of miles. They were troopers!


  1. You all do such FUN things! Good memories you are making!!!

  2. BUSY BUSY! Love your good looking cowboy and cowgirls! And those are some GIANT pinecones!