Sunday, August 19, 2012

KS, MN, MO and OK

What do all these states have in common?

They all have part of our family currently in it, having fun this week.

K-man is in Kansas and Missouri this week with my parents and brother's family. I heard that today he played Wii  and adult strategy games with Uncle Ken and Aunt Staci, played with his cousins and also watched NASCAR. Tomorrow morning he heads to Branson with Nana Kristi and Papa Tom for a 5 day trip.

K-girl is with Shawn's parents and Shawn's brother's family in Kansas. Friday night she got to stay at a hotel and swim in the pool with Papa Bruce. On Saturday, she got to see her great grandpa and help work on his house then spend the night with Uncle Eric, Aunt Theresa and all the cousins. On Sunday, she played with all her cousins and then got a airplane ride home with Papa (they landed in Oklahoma), rode horses with Nana Yvette and ended the day by jumping in their hot tub.

I'm thinking my kids may not want to come home. :)

The rest of us are working hard in MN. The girls have been busy playing with the neighborhood kids all weekend. Shawn and I have been busy canning salsa and diced tomatoes and freezing onions. Then we all enjoyed ending our weekend at the park for a potluck and kickball game with friends.

I don't have any pictures from the big kids or grandparents yet, but I always love sharing food preservation pictures.

 After LOTS of chopping we ended up with 32 jars of salsa and 3 1/2 gallon bags of diced onion.

 A close up of the Salsa! It is SOOO yummy and we saved lots of money this year because we used all of our banana peppers and hot peppers from our garden, and the onions were ready at the same time which worked out great. I only used one recipe this year (last year I used 3) from the ball canning book. I'm hoping this will last us all winter long!

 Earlier this summer I found a few minutes of free time to sew a new apron for myself. A girl can never have too many aprons, especially when you are in the kitchen as much as I am (or cook as messy as I do!).

I also canned 16 quarts of diced tomatoes and 1 quart.


  1. Impressive! Love all the salsa! Your new apron is cute! I need to remember to put mine on when I'm cooking so I don't have to change my shirt when I'm done. :-)

  2. WOW, you are such a good homemaker! I love your new apron, too. I cannot cook/work in the kitchen without one! I have two, but when (if?!) my sewing machine ever gets fixed, I might just try to spruce up my small collection. :)