Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nana and K-girl get veggies

Some how Shawn's parents managed to escape helping with veggies this year, but in previous years Bruce has helped pick green beans and tomatoes. Yvette helped me can pickles for the first time two years ago. My mom, K-girl and I made a quick trip to the farm this weekend to snag some of their free veggies that they were offering. We got zucchinis, cucumbers, patty pans, kale and fresh flowers. I'm sending some of this home with my parents because I can go back out to the farm anytime and get more. 

My big kids are excited tonight because they are headed to Kansas with my parents in their RV in the morning. K-girl is heading to the Papon's house for a week of horse riding and crafting and my parents are taking K-man to Branson. I'm nervous about sending my kids off, but excited for some time with my little girls before we head down to KS. I've got a huge list of fun/not so fun things I hope to get done before we leave.

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  1. Love all those veggies! The kale freezes great for smoothies! I know your big kids are having fun with the grandparents! We just enjoyed getting to play with Karolyn for a bit.