Monday, August 13, 2012

Zip Sledding

We've been looking for a zip sled ever since we bought Shawn's new boat. I can remember coming to MN when I was a little girl and learning to ski at my Aunt and Uncle's cabin. They had a flat set of boards that you would kneel on and hold onto a rope. My Aunt would float behind us to keep it stable and we had such fun and when we were feeling more adventurous we would finally stand up. We did this until we here old enough to try skiing and I really wanted my kids to be able to experience this too.

I looked in stores and online and couldn't find anything like what I remembered, but we finally made it over to Scheels in Fargo and my parents found a new and better version of the zip sled and it's fully padded and more stable that just using boards. My kids had a blast! I've posted a video I made with Windows Movie Maker so we could share the fun with all our KS family.

Thanks Nana Kristi and Papa Tom!

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  1. WOW! I'm impressed! I'm not sure I'd be willing to try that with one hand!