Monday, September 10, 2012

90 Days through the Bible

Bible in 90 Days

I been working my way through The Bible in 90 Days program with a support group from Mom's Toolbox. Today marks 1/4 of the way through the Bible and I'm still on track which is totally amazing because for 2 1/2 weeks I was on vacation in Kansas with my kids! I know that I'm going to make it through this time. Last time I made it through day 55 and then I fell behind on vacation and stopped reading with my group. I did finish reading on my own, but it took me more than 90 days.

Spending 45 minutes a day reading the Bible starts off feeling tough, but the further I get in the program the more I crave my daily reading time. It really makes a difference in my day to start my day off right. I have a little notebook full of questions that I have as I'm ready through and I'm going to look for the answers when I find time.

I would recommend doing this program with a group because it so much fun to touch base with other women  and encourage each other.


  1. I know I always get more out of a bible study with a group... seems like other people have similiar experiences/questions plus oftentimes I gain a totally different perspective on verses. Glad you are staying on track!

  2. I should recommend this to my Sunday school class when we're finished with our 1 Corinthians study. I agree that doing something with a group is awesome. I LOVE my class.