Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Veggie Day

Ever since we got back from vacation on Friday, things have been a little hectic at our house. The boys went hunting on Saturday, on Sunday we had church, I had nursery duty and a picnic, and then on Monday we finally got school started. Whew! 

School has been going great (all 4 days) and I was hoping to post first day of school pictures and some pictures of the kids working, but we got an email this morning that they had free vegetable picks out at Bluebird Gardens starting today. We don't like to miss FREE veggies, so after we did most of our school work today we headed out to Bluebird Gardens to do some picking!

We ended up with 4 buckets of tomatoes, 1 tote and 1 laundry basket of corn, a bag of kale and a pile of kohlrabi. I'm planning on going back in the morning for free peppers. I thinking about calling this afternoon a home economics day. :)

The kids helped shuck corn.  The little two girls helped for a while and then ran off to dance with hula hoops and leotards. K-girl helped about half the time and then joined the younger girls. K-man helped the whole time and was extra happy when I bribed him with ten extra minutes of Wii time to finish out the last 15 minutes of work. I'm okay with bribery.

I may have to declare a produce day and cancel school tomorrow. Or we may just practice math, science and cooking in the kitchen tomorrow. 

AWANAs also started last night and this girl was over the moon about being in Cubbies! She was going to sleep in her vest with her book, but I wouldn't let her. She did have her vest on all day today and toted her book with her up and down stairs all day. :) I'm so glad she loved her new class.

I'll have to post pictures of everyone in their shirts after K-sis gets her new Sparks' vest.

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  1. Look at all those veggies! I can't wait to hear about what you do with them all! Dee Dee looks adorable (as always) in her vest!