Wednesday, September 19, 2012

All Cooked Up

Do you remember this photo from last Thursday? We got 18 dozen ears of corn, 24 gallons of tomatoes, a bag of kale and 10 kahlrobi.

On Friday we went back and loaded up on peppers! We picked green, purple and some fancy ones that  were supposed to turn yellow. We weren't the first people out in the field that morning, but at 8:00 we were pretty early.

 A close-up of the peppers!

After 5 days spent in my kitchen, all the produce we accumulated is cooked, frozen or canned! (except the stuff we just got in our box yesterday) I did end up using most of it, but if you came by our house or lived close by you probably got some produce from me. My neighbor is such a good sport because I'm always showing up on her door step and giving her bags of veggies. :) We also shared a bucket of tomatoes and peppers with one of Shawn's co-workers and she made a bunch of salsa too!

This is what I ended up with:

 5 quarts and 17 pints of zesty salsa from the Ball Canning Cookbook. That was a LOT of chopping! I'm chopped all day Saturday, from breakfast to dinner, to get everything ready canning. The only ingredients I ended up buying was fresh cilantro and two bags of onions. All the other ingredients we needed were in our garden or freezer. We had a ton of banana peppers and mucho peppers in our garden this year and we used all of them. I'm definitely planting peppers again next year.

 8 quarts of veggie spaghetti sauce. I added onion, garlic, green pepper, squash, zucchini and kale. I doesn't look like a lot, but when I cook the sauce I reduce the pureed tomatoes down by half in a large pot. This made a huge mess on my stove, walls and even the floor and is the one reason I'm glad that I have a glass top stove.

 3 bags of roasted tomatoes (This recipe came from my friend Gretchen's blog. I have this recipe in my freezer cooking board on Pinterest if you want to check it out. This is probably the easiest way to freeze and use up tomatoes.)  I also had 4 full bags of spaghetti sauce that I got too tired to can so I just froze them.

 5 gallon bags full of corn and potato chowder (another recipe from Gretchen).

 I didn't get a picture of the corn before I loaded it in the freezer, so here is a picture of the corn already loaded in my freezer. All of these bags have 3-4 cups of corn and there's another whole stack in behind the front stack. We ended up with a total of 28 dozen ears of corn that we processed.

Lots of diced and sliced green, purple and yellow peppers. Most of these bags are stuffed full and I can't wait to have some stir fries this winter. I also enjoy adding a handful of diced peppers to just about any meal that we eat. It's so easy when all I have to do is reach in my freezer and everything is already chopped up.

We've been eating the kahlrobi fresh for snacks and at meals. My whole family LOVES kahlrobi. Sadly, I didn't get to the kale in time, so it ended up in the compost pile (no picture needed).

I love taking produce over to my neighbor because she always sends me home with cute knitting projects she made. These beautiful wash clothes almost make me want to do dishes, but probably not for a few days of recovering from my cooking extravaganza. I think I'm getting a pretty good deal on our trading!

I know you think I'm this awesome cook/mom, but I made my kids do school at the table for 3 days while I cooked. Then when I finished cooking yesterday, I took them out to McDonalds for supper so I wouldn't have to cook. 

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  1. Look at all that! Everytime you post pictures of all your produce, I wish we lived up there! I would definitely trade you those boxes of tea and another box of stuff for a couple jars of salsa! Your salsa is yummy!!