Thursday, September 27, 2012


Everyone has their new vests and books! Kassidy and Kaylee earned their first patches and were SO excited!

This year at AWANAS, Kassidy is in Cubbies, Karolyn and Kaylee are Sparks and Kolsen is in T&T. Shawn is a leader for the T&T boys and I'm an all around helper and usually sub for those who are gone. I love doing AWANAS because the kids learn so much scripture and have a blast while doing it. It's also hard to find activities where all of us can be involved at the same time as a family and AWANAS provides that opportunity for us.

Here is a quick video, for the grandparents, of the verses the girls said for AWANAS this week. Kassidy always gets lots of help from her siblings, which is good because I'm sure they'll have all her verses memorized too!

Kolsen didn't want to take a break from raking the yard to say his verses, so I'll have to catch him some other time. I wouldn't want to keep him from playing outside!

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  1. Way to go girls! It's great that this is something you can all do as a family!